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Machine to oil deck flooring, exotic and outdoor flooring:

Tunnel Decking


tunnel decking 01 tunnel decking 02 tunnel decking 03
tunnel decking 04 tunnel decking 05 tunnel decking 06
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Technical details:
  • Dimensions: 1500 (5000*) x 860 x 1135 mm
  • Weight: 230 (280*) Kg
  • Speed: 960 mt/h
  • Lenght (min-max): 800 mm
  • Width (min-max): 15 / 240 mm
  • Thickness (min-max): 10 / 120 mm
  • Power consumption (max): 3,42 A
  • Engines: 3
  • Rotating brushes: 2
  • Sponge rollers: 2
  • Brushes: 2
  • Nozzles: 8

* full optional (extension devices)


Tunnel decking oiling machine at work

outdoor oiled ipe ipe decking brasilian oiled lapacho ipe deck wood

TUNNEL DECKING is the PAOLONI's brand new machine that is capable to perfectly oil any kind of exotic wood for outdoor decking floor, nowadays a very requested flooring because his great weather resistance, durability and strength, to coat swimming pools, outdoor platforms and small path's gardens.
There are different kinds of decking wooden floors (ipé, lapacho, teak, garapa, jatoba, cumarù, frassino), according to chromatic combinations and to different technical requirements.
To slow down the degrading action of the weather, before putting down the wooden boards is necessary to treat deck floor with specific oils. TUNNEL DECKING comes into play with this kind of exigencies. The oiling process starts putting the board inside the machine: 6 adjustable nozzles drizzle the wood with oil, which is spread all over the surface with to 2 nylon rotating rollers. Special brushes and a sponge roller take off oil's surplus from board's surface.
The procedure ends with the finishing stage, that is achieved with the motorized brushes positioned on the final part of the machine.


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