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PAOLONI: a warranty of three generations


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The story begins in 1959 in Pesaro, where Mr. Onelio Paoloni founded his own firm Paoloni Onelio & Figlio, a company specialized in the production of construction equipments and machineries for road works.
Thanks to the premium quality, the fast delivery and the ability to meet customers' requirements, Paoloni become a point of reference for the Italian market of construction machineries.
With the growth of wooden building business as well as eco-house and klimahouse concepts, Paoloni decides to make an entrepreneurial effort and start producing a complete range of machines for timber and wooden flooring treatment both for indoor (parquet) and outdoor (decking) use.
Thanks to the experience and vision of Gastone and Andrea Paoloni, son and grandson of the founder Onelio, the company made up a name in the wood industry and draw the attention of national and international customers and dealers.

The owners entrepreneurial mindset combined with the desire to offer a wider range of products, have led to the creation of a third division focused on the production of innovative machines for sports fields maintenance.
Nowadays Paoloni, while still being an healthy family business, successfully operates in 3 different sectors and sells its machines to over 40 countries, using a multilingual staff and marketing tools that exploit the full potential of Internet and new communication channels.  

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Within the production site in Pesaro we set up a "TEST AREA" dedicated to the exposition of the machines we produce. The area includes several samples of boards treated during the tests carried out with the collaboration of oils and lacquers manufacturers and customers who visited us in the past.
140 sq/m where it is possible to test the potential of our machines and take part to the open house training we regularly arranged all along the year.



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